Types Of Woodworking
September 10, 2022

Woodworking is a skill, a hobby, and a profession; it all depends on what you make of it. The art of woodworking comprises various forms, with particular rules and techniques specific to a niche. If you are looking to hone your skills in woodworking, this write-up provides a list of the various forms of woodworking you can choose from to master the art and craft of woodworking.

1. Woodturning

In woodturning, you can explore and ignite all your artistic potential, unlike other niches that require precision in measurement and planning. This woodworking niche deals solely with wood spinning while using a chisel or gouges to cut it. Usually, the end products of this process are objects that are round in shape, like bowls, pans, cups, plates, and candleholders.

With this niche, you can think up ideas on the spot and bring a view into life by creating a piece. This niche is suitable for you as an experimental beginner. Although it is simple to grasp the process, achieving mastery of it might be difficult.

2. Construction

Construction as a type of woodworking focuses on transforming wood into durable materials like furniture, a wooden stool, or a kitchen cabinet. Also, construction involves box making, which may be decorative or serve a purpose, and you can make this with techniques like dovetail joinery, woodturning, or even band sawing.

3. Epoxy Woodworking

One popular trend in furniture nowadays is epoxy furniture, and this form of woodworking involves putting epoxy to wood. This process consists of casting wood into an epoxy resin and syncing these objects together.

This form of woodworking allows for several forms of variety. You can decide to use epoxy after hardening wood or working it; whichever method does not disrupt the glow and sheen of your finished product. You can also add favorite hues and patterns with epoxy on your woodworking projects for a unique style.

4. Pyrography

This form of woodworking is also known as woodburning. Pyrography involves burning expressions, images, text, and patterns into wood. This art adds more beauty and glam to the appearance of your wood or finished objects. In present times, pyrographers use a woodburning pen to achieve patterns and text on wood, and this pen comes with several options for various types of burning.

5. Woodcarving

Woodcarving is a form of woodworking that decorates wooden objects by molding them with either a chisel, gouge, or knife. This form of woodworking is an ancient craft and has old methods and techniques. Woodcarving can be in the form of whittling, which involves carving a piece of wood into characters.

Also, relief carvings are a form of woodcarving. This technique involves pulling wood from wood to create an image of wood rising out of the original piece of wood.

6. Joinery

This form of woodworking involves the merging of pieces of wood together. Joinery is mainly used in furniture making, and it is a more excellent alternative to the use of screws and nails for a more durable and firmer wooden object.