Types Of Saws And Their Uses
September 10, 2022

Most woodwork projects start with cutting material, and you are likely to have rough wood lengths that you need to transform to achieve your desired results. This is where using the right saw comes in.

With the wide range of saw options available, it is easy to spend a lot on expensive saw options for your woodwork project without optimizing them because you don’t know how to use different saw types.

Here are some saw types and their uses.

Circular Saw

The circular saw has a round blade with sharp teeth running throughout its length to cut through wood easily. All circular saws are electric but available in different power ratings. Most circular saws have cords and run on household current.

Circular saws are ideal for cutting rough wood and can make straight, clean lines, depending on the blade type. Three main types of circular saws are available: ripping, crosscut, and combination blades.

These blade types differ in their teeth design. The ripping blades have equal spaces between the teeth, the crosscut blades have staggered teeth, while the combination blade has the tooth layout of ripping and crosscut blades.

Two designs of circular blades are available: the direct drives, which are more common and less expensive, and the worn drive suitable for heavy work.


The jigsaw is an electric power tool for making curved, serpentine, or straight intricate cuts, like rectangles and inner circles. A jigsaw is a good investment for people new to woodwork. They are also called saber saws because they have a saber-like blade.

Besides cutting wood, jigsaws can easily cut plastic and metal. Unlike the circular saw that uses a revolving blade, the jigsaw cuts in back and forth motion. The blades have different compositions and tooth numbers.

The coarse tooth jigsaw blades are suitable for fast and rough work, while the fine-tooth blades saw veneers. You can operate this saw with one hand while working with the other hand.

Compound Miter Saw

The compound miter saw is an upgrade to the regular circular saw. It has a rip, crosscut, and combination blade option but has a fixed arm. The common blade diameters for compound miter saw are 10 and 12 inches, but you can fit it on a smaller 7 ½ inch.

Compound miter saws are electric tools and have several functions. These are more advanced than the standard miter box. Different models of compound miter saws are available with sliding arms to extend cut lengths. You can cut several angles using a compound miter saw.

Table Saw

The table saw is a good choice for beginners. They produce cuts that aren’t possible with other types of saws. The table saw is similar to the circular saw but designed upside down, allowing the blade to be exposed from below the work surface or saw table. You can easily adjust the angles and depth to make precise cuts.

Three main types of table saws are available today, and the suitable one often depends on the work location and size. The table saw options include bench table saws, cabinet table saws, and contractor table saws.