Top Ten States Known For Woodworking In The U.S
August 18, 2022

Woodworking jobs are most common in the Western part of America. When it comes to this job, not all the places in America provide excellent employment opportunities for woodworkers. If you are looking to get information on specific states that present excellent woodworking job opportunities for you, here are the top ten states in the United States known for woodworking.

1. California

As far back as 2014, the city of California ranked top as the state that provides opportunities for woodworkers to manufacture and produce furniture for the house and cabinetry. In the whole of the U.S, California is the second-highest with several employees that engage in woodworking.

California remains the highest on the list of manufacturers in the wood kitchen cabinet alone, with over 802 establishments. Interestingly, the average weekly wages for a woodworker are about $783.

2. New York

One of the features that make New York one of the most famous cities in the U.S is its over 267 shops that deal in specific woodwork like office furniture and fixtures. Also, this city is the second on the list of cities with over 5,325 employers for the skill of woodworking. In New York, the average weekly pay for a woodworker should be about $955.

3. Florida

Of all the total 1,105 companies that engaged in woodworking for wood windows and doors, 75 of these companies are located in Florida, coming closely after California with 146 locations. This state also presents an average weekly pay for woodworkers at $829.

4. Connecticut

Woodworking jobs are not easy to find in the Northeast, but Connecticut remains one of the best states in the United States that have numerous woodworker jobs. Also, the average weekly wage for a woodworker is mapped at $829.

5. Rhode Island

Rhode Island in the United States is one state that provides excellent woodwork job opportunities and satisfying pay. The average annual salary is about $85,758, with the lowest 10% gain at $45,000 and the highest at $162,000.

6. North Carolina

North Carolina in the U.S has over 279 wood kitchen cabinets and countertop establishments. Interestingly, this state has the highest number of employees in this field, with a significant estimate of 26,406 employees.

7. Michigan

Of all the states known for woodworking in the United States, Michigan provides one of the highest weekly wages at $1,013, topping the national salary by 39%. New Hampshire, New York, and Massachusetts are other states coming close to it.

8. Massachusetts

Wood window and door manufacturing are a niche in the woodworking industry, and Massachusetts remains the highest paying state in this niche, with its weekly wages set at $1,040.

9. Oregon

Oregon is an excellent state in the U.S for woodworkers to run their establishments, work, and live. This state has a great pay perk for woodworkers, with an average annual salary pegged at $80,517.

10. Texas

Texas is ranked the third highest, with residential furniture and cabinetry manufacturers having shops in more than 665 specializing in this woodworking niche. This state also has close to 14,074 employees in this field.