Presidents Day
January 31, 2023

President’s Day is frequently just an excuse for people to take a long weekend off from work. Others use the day to visit the mall and take advantage of the sales that their favorite department stores are offering. In truth, as President’s Day is the official holiday commemorating George Washington’s birthday, it should be a day to recognize individuals who have led our nation over the past 200+ years, particularly Washington.

Consider paying your respects to our greatest presidents and honoring everything they stood for on President’s Day this year to observe it appropriately. Here are just a few excellent suggestions to get you going.

This year, consider celebrating President’s Day properly by making it a day to pay your respects to our finest presidents and to honor everything they stood for. The following are just a few great ideas to get you started.

1. Make a meal with a presidential theme.
President’s Day is technically the nation’s birthday celebration of George Washington, and every proper birthday party calls for delectable fare. Consider creating a menu with some of his favorite foods. As fish was considered to be “excessively fond” of by Washington, it is a great choice for your main meal. Martha Washington was a skilled baker as well. Think about picking one of her numerous favorite desserts. Examples include fruit pies of all varieties, spice cakes, marzipan, and macaroon.

As an alternative, you might choose to try a dish that is inspired by Abraham Lincoln because Presidents Day also includes his birthday in February. Lincoln most certainly ate meals that were customary on the Kentucky frontier because he spent his formative years in a log cabin. Deer, bacon, eggs, and gingerbread are a few examples.

2. Create a self-improvement strategy based on the president’s principles.
Presidents Day is a time when we honor the moral fortitude that heroes like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln shown throughout their lives. What better way to commemorate that than to make a promise to ourselves to grow into greater people?

Choose a few things you can do better as a family, both collectively and individually. Ask everyone to identify one or two of their own character defects and explain how they intend to overcome them. The group as a whole can respond by explaining how they intend to assist.

3. Enjoy Mother Nature for a while outside.
Washington is renowned for his outdoor surveying work in the wilds of Virginia. Consider paying tribute to that aspect of his life by spending President’s Day outside, just like he did. With your family, enjoy a picnic in the great outdoors in your preferred park. Spend some time on your preferred hiking trail or in your preferred natural setting, then snap some photos.

Consider going for a swim or a kayaking trip to commemorate Washington’s crossing of the Delaware if you have access to a lake, river, or the ocean. Even walking around the block to start your day is a wonderful way to celebrate.

4. Take some time to relax while reading a suitable book.
If it’s too cold where you live to spend President’s Day outside, think about adding some substance to an indoor day with a good book. With a collection of some of his most well-known speeches, honor Lincoln’s iconic status as the Great Emancipator. Alternately, you may read up on American history, African-American history, or American racial relations in general.

5. Address a letter to the American president.
This is a wonderful exercise for kids and families to perform together since it helps to begin them thinking about significant concerns in the nation they call home. Additionally, it’s an excellent opportunity for young children to practice and advance their writing abilities.

Inquire of each child what they would like to see changed in America. What do they consider to be unjust about American life, and why do they think it has to change? Also, ask them to list one positive aspect of American life that comes to mind. Then assist them in creating a letter that respectfully conveys both of those points to the current president.

These are obviously just a few ideas on how you and your family might celebrate Presidents Day this year. Never be reluctant to think of original, deeper thoughts of your own.