Nine DIY Closet Organization Hacks
August 30, 2022

Getting dressed every morning will be easier when your closet space is well organized. However, whether your wardrobe is a small area that can barely hold a couple of hangers or a dreamy walk-in closet, we can agree that keeping the closet clutter-free isn’t the easiest task.

And when you finally get tired of organizing and reorganizing your clothes, shoes, and bags, and they won’t stay put, you know it’s finally time for your closet makeover. You can try some DIY ideas; these improvements to your wardrobe may make the difference you need:

A customizable closet system

Maybe your closet organization isn’t working because the setup wasn’t designed for you. So, it may be time to customize this room – install structures that you believe will help you manage your stuff better. For instance, if your problem is with shoes, create shelves or boxes that’ll organize them for you.

And if it’s with clothes, perhaps you can consider installing another clothes rack. Or even shelves and drawers.

Plywood closet organizer

If you’re handy with tools, this hack is a jackpot. Get some plywood and create an organizational system for your closet. It’ll not just beautify and organize this space, but it also fits right under the clothes rack.

Use cover boxes

Let’s say you’re a bit low on funds. You can use cover boxes to hold items that often litter your closet.

Box-Style Closet Organizer

You can make a box-style closet organizer if you’ve got the right tools and some plywood. These are compartments built from wooden boxes; they can be used to organize shoes, clothing, underwear, and even accessories.

Throw in a rod for hanging clothes, and your closet will always be spick and span.

Closet pull-out drawers

You can also consider installing pull-out drawers for better closet organization. Clear baskets will also work, and you can see the contents of these containers.

Wardrobe shelves

If you have fewer hanging clothes, try making DIY closet shelves. You must prep the closet by removing every structure like the shelf, closet rod, and shelf supports. Then, move them higher and use MDF strips to create the compartments in your desired sizes.

Buy from IKEA

IKEA will undoubtedly have a closet organizer that suits your needs. Browse through the site, and buy one that you can best modify to your taste.

Nursery closet

A DIY nursery project is an easy hack for organizing a baby’s clothes. And you only need drawers and compartments to create ones for different articles of clothing. You can also install a hanging rack if the baby has charming dresses that you can hang.

DIY kid’s closet

Organizing your kid’s closet can also be a hassle, and you don’t want them to pick up a bad habit, so it must always be arranged.

Well, you don’t need to stress too much again. You need a modification – add more compartments to the space often beneath the hanging rack.

Then, consider installing two- or three-step shelves for shoes.