My Top Chick-Lit Reads
September 5, 2022

Even though “serious readers” often look down on chick-lit books, this genre features witty banter, charming love stories, and dauntless protagonists. In essence, they’re like romantic comedies in hard or paperback form.

And, of course, there’s a quirky romance plot, so I refer to chick-lit reads as the “rom-com in book form!” Consider these books when you’re ready for a change in plot and genre, i.e., fresh ideas. Readers who love to escape to a world of fantasy can stick around.

Here are some of my best reads so far:

What You Wish For

Katherine Center authored this book about the hardships of life and how you can still choose happiness regardless. And she proves that you can judge a book by its cover and not be disappointed!

It’s an emotional story about experiencing loss and tragedy, which offers a change from the happy and vibrant plot that chick-lit books often carry. You’ll feel empathy for the characters in the book, and throughout this page-turner, you’ll experience all sorts of emotions.

It’s about a group of teachers who try to save their school from the horrid replacement for their previous principal. It turns out the librarian has a special relationship with this man, so there’s definitely romance.

The Blue Bistro

This book is about Adrienne Dealey, a woman who was robbed of her life savings by her ex-boyfriend. Elin Hilderbrand writes about how our beautiful protagonist, who manages hotels for a living, decides to restart her life in a town called Nantucket.

However, Thatcher Smith, the owner of the swankiest restaurant in town, is the only one who offers a job. However, Adrienne has no experience in restaurant management. There’s also an apparent attraction between these two, and I bet you will enjoy every mischief they explore together.

The Bookshop on the Corner

What’s not to love about Jenny Colgan, especially after “The Bookshop on the Corner?” This chick-lit tale is about a Londoner who relocates to Scotland to sell books from her vehicle. She discovers a quintessential town and falls in love with the land and characters, just as the readers also do.

If you enjoy reading about twenty-something to thirty-something women figuring out their life’s purpose, pick up this book.

Anna and the French Kiss

This book by Stephanie Perkins takes us into the life of Anna, our quirky protagonist who gets shipped off to a boarding school in Paris, right on the verge of becoming all that she desired in her senior year.

But she meets Etienne St. Clair, and maybe everything will be okay?

Can You Keep a Secret?

Sophie Kinsella writes about Emma Corrigan, a woman with secrets. But when she encounters a man with beautiful eyes on a flight back home, she spills them! And I’m talking about secrets she’d never tell anyone.

But it turns out she spilled to her CEO, Jack Harper. And you’d be surprised and positively taken in by how the sparks ignite and fly from there.