Five Books To Read If You’re On A Journey To Self-Discovery
August 7, 2022

There’s an array of paths to success and happiness. And the same applies to the path to self-discovery. Every day we are growing and developing, becoming someone we can be proud of.

Your moments and experiences lead you to who you are, and the earlier you realize we’re complex beings made of puzzle pieces, the better. That’s where growth sets in. And while you try to figure your life out, we recommend the following books for guidance:

Start Where You Are: A Journey for Self Exploration

This book by Meera Lee Patel assures you that even when things appear like they’re out of place, you only need to keep working and believing in yourself. Things won’t always work out as we hope for, but that’s life.

Patel encourages you to trust that things will work out, and journaling can help you every step of the way. Her journal reminds us that our aspirations and dreams have a place.

You’ll also learn how journaling can help you channel the energy you feel.

The Alchemist

One of the best books you can read on your self-discovery journey is “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. He postulates that each person has a personal legend, fate, or destiny.

And, of course, we’re all free to choose whether to pursue our fate. Coelho takes us on this spiritual journey through the perspective of Santiago, our protagonist, who’s on his quest for his personal legend.

He meets an older man who points out that every youth knows their personal legend, but life’s issues and challenges cause fear and doubt in them. And at the end of the day, they lose sight of what they desire.

Even the good things in life can get in the way of pursuing your personal legend.

Leave the Light On

*Trigger Warning: addiction, rape

This is a memoir by Jennifer Storm depicting painful moments in her childhood. She talks about the ensuing addiction after her childhood rape and how she pulled herself out of that space.

You’ll learn how to cope if you find her situation relatable. And even if you don’t, “Leave the Light On” will help you realize that it’s never too late to put your life back on track.

Daring Greatly

This excellent page-turner by Brené Brown challenges everyone to rethink their beliefs about vulnerability. It’s an inevitable aspect of human life. Instead of seeing it as a weakness, Brown encourages us to make meaningful connections, improve our creative processes, and even employ it in many aspects of our relationships.

Daily, we experience many situations that may invoke our vulnerabilities. If we see it as a weakness, it becomes a burden. Allow Brown to use her years of research to help you overcome the risks, uncertainty, and emotional exposure that define vulnerability.


Cheryl Strayed authored this memoir about the death of a beloved family member and how it affected everything she held dear. At the age of twenty-two, she loses her mother, which marks the beginning of her journey to self-discovery.