Five Books to Help You Love Your Body
September 10, 2022

The connection we make with our body changes from time to time, and rightly so. Our bodies are constantly growing, and we may not always fancy the outcome.

And as much as many of us may desire to look picture perfect as the media portrays, we may have to turn inward now and then to remind ourselves that we already possess an infinite beauty and uniqueness.

The following books are excellent because they help you love yourself with radical and profoundly feminine energy, as things should be. They’re authored by admirable and successful women in fields like gynecology and psychology:

1. Come as You Are

This fantastic read was authored by Dr. Emily Nagoski, an American sex educator and researcher. As a wellness educator, she also teaches a course on women’s sexuality at Smith College.

Emily undeniably has a wealth of knowledge about loving your body, and she employs scientific research and humor in educating readers about how psychology and sexual desires are connected.

This book will help you unlock the door to your sexuality – it’ll help you become more accepting of your preferences and understand that they don’t have to fit into anyone’s requirements.

If you can relate to the common difficulty modern women often have with understanding their anatomy and how to find arousal, Nagoski wrote this book for you.

2. This Book is Not an Apology: The Power of Self Love

Sonya Renee Taylor wrote it, and it portrays radical self-love as the way to heal from the traps and discrepancies of our violent systems. And we all relate to the morals, ideologies, opinions, and beliefs that seem to affect the relationship we desire to have with our bodies.

Taylor believes that once we’re removed from these external influences, we can easily overcome concepts like body shaming or other attacks on our bodies. She wants it not just to be an awakening for you and me but also a movement that the rest of the world will enjoy.

3. Tantric Orgasm for Women

Diana Richardson wrote this book for women who desire to explore their sexuality from a spiritual approach. When you’re ready for the journey to spiritual awakening, read this book about tantric exercises. You’ll see how you can use meditation to spark and explore the peak of your sexuality.

4. Becoming Cliterate

This is yet another radical book about loving your body and accepting and exploring your sexual desires. It was written by Laurie Mintz, who uses science-backed research to show you how to receive pleasure.

Mintz believes that a woman’s body deserves a different approach in terms of orgasming. Read this book to discover the anatomy, history, and diverse techniques for achieving an orgasm. And sexual intercourse isn’t even required.

5. Queer Sex

Queer Sex is a book by Juno Roche, and it offers insight into gender and sexuality. Read this book to understand sexuality regardless of gender, as Roche believes that’s the authentic way to enjoy sexual pleasure.

This book also challenges the system that shames queer people for expressing their sexuality.