Essential Tools For Woodwork
September 15, 2022

Modern woodwork tools are a huge upgrade to tools available in the past for woodwork projects. With the right tools, you’re less likely to feel frustrated during basic and even advanced projects.

If you’re ready to start building, here are some essential tools you will need.

Pocket Hole Jigs

A pocket hole jig comes in handy for making pocket hole joinery. With this tool, you can easily assemble pieces of wood, and it also makes using pocket screws easy. Different brands of pocket hole jigs are available in varying sizes. They are all effective, but your choice will depend on the size of your project.

Right Angle Clamp

If you work alone, joining two pieces of wood at the right angle may be difficult because the two pieces of wood need to be stable while trying to join them. Assembling the wood with a nail while using a hammer is even a more difficult task, but with a right-angle clamp, you can join two pieces of wood at the right angle without help.

Hand Saw

A hand saw, also called a panel saw, is a long, thin saw with a large handle. It is perfect for rough dimensioning of wood. Two types of hand saws are available: rip saws that cut along the grain and crosscut saws that cut across the wood grain, like a knife. These two basic saw types are necessary for most woodwork projects, and they make cutting wood less stressful.

Miter Saw and Box

The miter saw is best for making crosscuts on long pieces of wood. They usually give accurate angles and can save time for squaring board ends. The miter saw glides back and forth through a stable saw frame.

You can change the frame’s angle to create joints used for picture frames and other types of joints.

Bench Chisel Set

Chisels are essential for different woodwork projects. If you’re new to woodwork, you can opt for a 5 – 7 bench chisel set, but other specialty chisels like the fishtail and paring chisel will also be a good addition to your tooth box.

Chisels are available in different materials, but lightweight wooden hand chisels with durable steel usually give a good result.

6-Inch Combinations Square

A 6-inch combination square ensures accuracy while working with square boards. The combination square allows checking the angles on square boards, taking accurate measurements, and adjusting mortises and other wood joints.

Wood Planer

Different wood planer options are available, but they aim to make your wood flatter and remove irregularities. You can get the “thickness planer” to resize rough lumber to your exact desired smoothness and thickness.

You can work on pieces of wood that the thickness planer cannot accommodate with the “hand planer”. In most cases, you still need the hand planer to achieve an accurate flatness or thickness after working with the thickness planer. A hand planer also makes working with assembled furniture easier.


Carrying out any woodwork on the floor isn’t a good idea. The workbench is essential for clamping, drilling, gluing, sanding, and sawing. You can also fit your clamp and other work tools on the workbench for comfort and better results.