Eleven Crafts To Make And Sell Online
August 25, 2022

Thanks to technology, you no longer need to worry about getting a market for the items you make at home. So, if you’re a DIY veteran who’s ready to put their craft-making talent to use, stick around.

Here are eleven crafts to make and sell online:

1. Beaded bracelets

Beaded bracelets are easy to make and are acceptable fashion accessories. As such, finding a market will be seamless.

Beads are available in sets of different shapes, colors, and sizes. They’re also cheap and can be transformed into funky and inexpensive jewelry.

2. Mosaic picture frames

Ecommerce sites, arts and crafts stores, and places like eBay commonly feature mosaic picture frames. They’re easy to make, and the materials are affordable.

3. Palette picture frames

There are many fantastic frame ideas that can make you cool cash, like this one. You only need to transform palettes into funky art pieces and sell them for a neat profit.

4. Pottery fruit bowls

Pottery fruit bowls can be used to improve the home’s aesthetics, and interior designers know it. So do young teenagers and adults who want to bring some spice to their bedrooms and living areas.

You can profit from this market by investing in clay, kiln, and the pottery wheel.

5. Flower crowns

What’s not to love about flower crowns? So, it’s little wonder people wear them everywhere – to weddings, birthdays, parties on the beach, you name it. Styling a flower crown is easy, even for younger children.

And for an artsy person like you, creating neat headbands from fabric flowers or your desired materials can be an additional and steady source of cash.

6. Pallet coasters

Wooden decorative bits always bring zest to any place, so restaurants, bars, and houses are beginning to take to pallet coasters.

They’re also inexpensive to make and will undoubtedly sell fast in an online or offline market.

7. Velvet pillows

You can contribute to the interior styling market by making and selling plush velvet materials, polyester stuffing for pillows, and your embroidery skills. Velvet pillows are lovely decorative bits that bring color and zest to any room, and people are willing to spend on handmade ones.

8. Vintage button necklace

You can make vintage necklace necklaces for a tidy profit with a couple of vintage buttons. And vintage buttons are inexpensive, especially when hunting in thrift stores.

9. Bomb baths

A bomb bath will help anyone relax after a long day. And you can even customize yours to perform some skin benefits, like milk and lavender bath bombs.

You need Epsom salts, soda, citric acid, olive oil, essential oils, and water.

10. Crushed glass coasters

Crushed glass coasters are super easy to make; with a set of colored glass bottles, you can make a tidy profit from an online or offline market. Inexpensive adhesive will cement the crushed pieces to your wooden, plastic, or ceramic surface, and you’ll easily create unique designs.

11. Decorative champagne flutes

People who love entertaining fancy crafty ideas like this. The flutes only need some sparkle and glitter to bring life to them.